Brooks Range Drift -10

The Brooks Range Mountaineering Drift -10, a cold weather sleeping bag for those who want more comfort, not weight in their winter sleep systems.

As a winter instructor for the Outward Bound School, I have done over 40 days of winter camping this season. Having gear that keeps me warm, dry and happy allows me to do my job well. I decided to use the Brooks Range Drift -10F sleeping bag this winter to ensure that I would sleep warm throughout my courses.

Home sweet home in the lofty Drift -10

Initial impressions:
I pulled my new Drift -10F out of the box and before removing it from the original linen bag was convinced I had been sent the wrong sleeping bag. I was wrong, the Drift -10 is just that light, weighing in at 47oz (just under 3lbs).

850 fill Down: 
The Drift -10F is a down sleeping bag that is protected with DownTek treatment to make a more water-resistant down bag. I was hesitant to invest in a down sleeping bag for winter expeditions, thinking that condensation inside the tent was get the down wet and leave me shivering through the night. Brooks Range DownTek fabric kept my bag dry and me toasty through multiple nights in the winter backcountry.

While I don’t bring a thermometer into the field, I can guess that temperatures got down below zero multiple times over the 25+ days that I have used this bag this winter. At estimated temperatures of -15F, I was a bit cold in the bag. If the mercury stayed above -5F, I was a happy camper and didn’t need to bust out the tricks to stay warm. Instead I slept comfortable and was well rested for winter adventuring.

Features:  The Halo Neck Collar keeps cold air from entering the bag and is easy to adjust. A cuff also lines the full-length zipper, another defense against cold air trying to sneak in.

There is a small internal pocket, with a velcro closure, near the collar. It’s a great place to stash batteries that need to stay warm or a headlamp so that there is no issue finding it when nature call’s at 3am.

Length:   At 5 3″ (on a good day), I decided to go for the “regular” length sleeping bag [which measures to 6′]. This bag is roomy! I stuff everything I need to in my bag (skins, boot liners, beacon, snacks, water bottles, extra layers, gloves, anything else I don’t want to freeze). If I was six inches taller, I might not feel the same way but for those of us who are vertically challenged, the regular length bag provides all the room I need.

Overall, this is an incredibly light sleeping bag for winter camping. It was comfortable in temperatures down to -10F. The bag packs down well, instead of taking up half of my pack like other winter sleeping bags. I am super excited to have this sleeping bag in my quiver and use it for many more nights in the winter backcountry…heck I sleep in it when I am not camping too!

Compressed and compared to a 1L bottle

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